Meghan Chase
For some time now I’ve been exploring the idea of mapping out memories through architecture. My work largely focuses on abandoned and decaying buildings. What drew me to this imagery was realizing that, like everything, it has a lifecycle. For a brief period in time we become a part of that cycle. We leave generations of imprints all over it.

I have started to personify these buildings, including bits of my own memories or pieces of information I’ve found along the way. In a way they’re transforming into self portraits.

I began physically constructing, demolishing and reconstructing these paintings to mirror their development. They are just as much reductive as they are additive. I build up, tear down, scrape and sand away layers to capture their feeling as they evolve. I incorporate photographs and other collage materials, letting glimpses show through, to continue the illusion that something exists beyond the surface. My work doesn't always strive for “perfection.” It's more of an immediate gut reaction to get something out of me and on to paper. Pencil marks are sometimes visible giving evidence to the human hand. It's raw, gritty and emotional. My aim is to strip down the glitz and glamour of the world and bring to light moments of beauty that we often overlooked and under appreciate.